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Fast Track Cystoscopy Service


Streamlined Cystoscopy In South Australia

To reduce waiting times and improve efficiency for patients, ADELAIDE FAST TRACK CYSTOSCOPY SERVICE now offers GPs a new streamlined Cystoscopy booking service.

The Benefits to Doctors and Patients

  • An efficient one appointment process for both consultation and procedure.
  • Reduced patient waiting times.
  • Flexible appointment times including Saturdays.
  • All referrals reviewed by Urologist prior to their appointment to ensure suitability.
  • Consultation by the treating Urologist on the day, immediately prior to the procedure. (Please contact us if your doctor has recommended this service, but you would instead prefer a consultation with the urologist in their consulting rooms first).
  • Select your preferred surgeon or next available appointment.
  • Local anaesthetic Day Procedure (no fasting, no sedation), so no escort needed unless normally required. Patients who are able can self-drive to and from the appointment unless instructed otherwise.
  • No need to cease usual medications including warfarin.
  • Further investigations, follow up and treatment recommendations arranged as appropriate.

In January 2014 Calvary Hospital North Adelaide opened their new Day Procedure Facility and purchased the latest state of the art Olympus High Definition Video Cystoscopes with superior image quality.

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