This information is not comprehensive, is only current at the date initially published and does not constitute medical advice. Do not rely on any content for clinical decision making and instead seek appropriate professional advice. Continence Matters is not responsible for any loss anyone suffers in connections with the use of this information.

Surgery & Procedures

Hospital Admissions


Please read information on fasting if you are having a procedure requiring an anaesthetic.

You will meet you anaesthetist on the day of surgery, unless an appointment with them is recommended prior.  If you wish to contact the anaesthetist prior to discuss your anaesthetic or their fees please call Continence Matters for their contact details.

If you are only having local anaesthesia you will not need to fast, and can drive as usual if you are otherwise well.

Please read any information given to you by your doctor regarding the procedure.  If you have any questions regarding your procedure please contact our rooms. You may wish to arrange a further consultation with your doctor prior.

You will be sent an SMS the business day before the surgery day to confirm your admission time.  If you do not receive this please phone Continence Matters before 2pm on the business day before your procedure to find out your admission time.

You may need to bring relevant X-Rays to hospital for your procedure.  You can check with your doctor prior if you are unsure.  If in doubt then bring them with you.

You will also be required to complete the Calvary Hospital Admission Forms and return them by post to Calvary Hospital (not to Continence Matters) prior to your admission day.  The Hospital forms can also be completed online  If you have any queries regarding the Calvary Hospital forms please phone Calvary Hospital on 82399100.

If you need to cancel or change your theatre date or hospital admission you will need to contact both

  1. Continence Matters and
  2. Calvary North Adelaide Hospital   8239 9136  (Patient Services Officer)
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