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Who needs a cystoscopy


There are no universally accepted guidelines for this by the Urological Society in Australia.
Individual patient details should be taken into consideration.
'There are always exceptions to the rule'.

You can schedule a patient directly for a flexible cystoscopy with one of our surgeons, who will be able to consult the patient on the day.  Bookings can be made via the rooms (phone, fax, email) or through the Fastrack Cystoscopy website.  The procedure is performed under local anaethetic, so no need to fast and no need to stop anticoagulation.

The following is only a guideline and should not be the only information used in clinical decision making. This list is not totally inclusive and other indications for cystoscopy exist.


  • Anyone with macroscopic haematuria in the absence of a UTI.
  • Anyone with microscopic haematuria in the absence of a UTI.
  • Patients with Overactive Bladder Symptoms especially if they are severe, sudden onset, fail to respond to medical therapy,
  • Surveillance of previous bladder cancer
  • Family History of Bladder Cancer, Smoking History or Age>50.
  • To investigate findings on imaging studies.
  • Significant Sterile Pyuria.
  • Recurrent UTI's.
  • Complications from previous pelvic surgery.
  • Bladder or Urethral Pain.
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