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Having Urodynamics


Fluoroscopic Urodynamics (FUDS) is a test of bladder and urethral function and anatomy. It is probably the best test available to assess someone’s bladder function.

A catheter is passed via the urethra to allow filling of the bladder and for pressure measurements to be taken. X-ray contrast used to fill the bladder allows simultaneous imaging of the bladder with X-rays. Please inform your doctor if you are allergic to Iodine contrast. This procedure aims to reproduce your symptoms.  A small pressure line is also placed in the rectum which measures your abdominal pressure.

The Urodynamics Suite is located on Level 2 Calvary Hospital North Adelaide, past the maternity delivery ward.

We will do our best to put you at ease and provide a comfortable and relaxed environment.  The test is usually performed sitting on our urodynamics chair over a device to collect urine if there is any accidental leakage or when you are asked to void at the end of the study and empty the bladder.  (In some patients the study is performed with them lying down).

The test takes about 30 minutes but allow 2 hours to include preparation time.  The study is performed by the surgeon with the assistance of a nurse.  A radiographer (male or female) is present during the use of X-ray screening.

After the test when you pass urine there may be some burning or a small amount of blood. This will usually settle within 24 hours. There is about a 5% risk of developing a urinary infection in the few days following the procedure. You will usually be given one antibiotic tablet following the study to help prevent a urine infection. If you develop fever, pain, urgency or burning when urinating you should contact your surgeon or your local doctor for a urine test and you may be prescribed antibiotics.

When the study is booked a follow up appointment is usually arranged to discuss the results with your surgeon.  Usual review consult fees apply for this appointment.

Please note:

You should contact the Doctor’s rooms if you have a current urinary tract infection or a temperature before the test as you will need to delay the procedure and have a course of antibiotics first.

Before you arrive:

  • Fasting is NOT necessary.
  • Please arrive with a comfortably full, but not excessively full bladder.  The first part of the study requires you to pass urine to see how well you empty so you need to be holding a good amount when you arrive without discomfort.
  • If you wear pads please bring a change for afterwards.
  • Please leave valuables at home.
  • If you usually drive and are otherwise well you can drive to and from your appointment.

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Having Urodynamics
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