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10 Ways Treating Urinary Incontinence could Improve Your Life.

  1. Depression can result from incontinence and the embarrassment associated with this condition.  Treating incontinence can improve your self esteem, dignity and wellbeing.
  2. Social Isolation can occur as people with incontinence restrict the daily activities they choose to paticipate in.  Treating incontinence can allow participation in more social activites.
  3. Incontinence can cost money though purchasing pads and incontinence aids and laundry costs. 
  4. Incontinence can limit what work people do, how much work they do or even whether they can work at all.  Treating incontinence can reduce your costs associated with managing incontinence and improve workforce participation.
  5. Some people restrict their fluid intake below what is recommended for their situation becasue of incontinence.  Treating incontinence can allow you to increase your fluid intake.
  6. Incontinence can greatly limit travel, where people go, how they get there and what they do when they travel.  Treating incontinence can open up options for people to travel.
  7. Intimate relationships and sex can be avoided because of incontinence.  Incontinence treatments can benefit sexual relationships.
  8. Lack of exercise can impact on overall health and obesity.  Incontinence treatment can improve your ability to exercise and participate in sport.
  9. Incontinence is associated with falls in elderly and frail patients.  Incontinence treatment can help prevent falls.
  10. Incontinence can cause loss of independence.  It is one of the top three causes for admission to an aged care facility.  (Dementia, poor mobility and incontinence).  Treating incontinence can improve your independence.

Our Female Continence GPs are highly skilled to evaluate and manage incontinence.  No referral is required. Medicare rebates apply.

For appointments phone 08 82399109.

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