This information is not comprehensive, is only current at the date initially published and does not constitute medical advice. Do not rely on any content for clinical decision making and instead seek appropriate professional advice. Continence Matters is not responsible for any loss anyone suffers in connections with the use of this information.

For Doctors & Health Professionals

For urology registrars and trainee doctors


We hope that the information in this website will  further your knowledge and inspire you to practice in this exciting and rewarding area of medicine.  We only request that you provide us with any feedback, suggestions, corrections or oversights you might come accross.  Trainees are great at picking up these or asking great questions.

If you would like to attend our pelvic floor case discussion and MRI meetings, arrange tutorials or be part of a research project or clinical paper please contact our surgeons via the  rooms.

Keep up the good work.  All the hard work and stress is worth it - to have a rewarding career where you are able to make a difference to people's lives.

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