This information is not comprehensive, is only current at the date initially published and does not constitute medical advice. Do not rely on any content for clinical decision making and instead seek appropriate professional advice. Continence Matters is not responsible for any loss anyone suffers in connections with the use of this information.

Our People

About Us


Continence Matters aim is to bring care and treatment to men and women with disabling bladder conditions and a wider acceptance and understanding of these conditions by the community.

Established in 2002 by Dr Samantha Pillay, Continence Matters specialises in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of;

  • Female urinary incontinence
  • Male urinary incontinence
  • Neurourology
  • Prolapse - Specialising in prolapse repair without mesh. This practice has never used vaginal mesh implants (mesh placed via the vagina) for prolapse repair.
  • Managing complications from vaginal mesh implants
  • Other bladder, voiding and pelvic floor problems in men, women and children

Continence Matters also provides;

Fluoroscopic Urodynamic Service
Adelaide Fast Track Cystoscopy Service
Education for community, health professionals, GP's and surgeons
Research and Clinical Trials

Our clinical staff;

Urological Surgeon - Dr Samantha Pillay
Continence GP's - Dr Joy O'Hazy

Each of the practitioners are an independent and separate practitioner who has responsibility and liability only for their own consultations and advices.

We welcome your feedback on ways to constantly improve our service and this website, and we love to hear patients' stories about how gaining control of your bladder has changed your life.

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