Fast Track Cystoscopy Service


To reduce waiting times and improve efficiency for patients CONTINENCE MATTERS offers referring doctors a Fast Track Cystoscopy Booking Service. Male and female patients booked directly onto the Cystoscopy Day Surgery list avoid waiting for availability to see the doctors in the Consulting Rooms. This also results in more streamlined care. Saturday lists are also available to assist patients schedules.

Dr Samantha Pillay or Dr Ailsa Wilson Edwards will perform flexible cystocopy under Local Anaesthesia.

Suitable patients include

  • Asymptomatic microscopic haematuria in the abscence of infection (renal ultrasound recommended prior).
  • Asymptomatic macroscopic haematuria in the abscence of infection (contrast CT haematuria urogram recommended prior).
  • Simple recurrent Urine Infections (no intervening symptoms).

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