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Bladder and Pelvic Pain

Using Vaginal Dilators


These are used;

  • To stretch the vagina
  • To stop it narrowing down again after surgery to open up the vagina (vaginoplasty).
  • In patients with difficulty relaxing the vagina or pain with intercourse

Dilators can be purchased from McNeil’s Surgical Supplies, Magill Road, Stepney.

They usually come in sizes 1 – 6.

It takes 3 months or longer to get results.

Initially you will need to use the dilators 1 – 2 times a day.

Once the desired results are achieved they can be used less frequently.

Instructions for use:

  • Find a private space.
  • Start with the size dilator that is easy to insert.
  • Apply KY jelly to the tip to lubricate.
  • Gently insert as far as possible.
  • The dilator only needs to remain in place for about 3 minutes.
  • Once the dilator can be easily and comfortably inserted you can progress to the next size up.
  • Clean with soap and water and dry between uses.

Dilators are easier to insert if you are relaxed.

A small amount of bleeding can occur if the vagina is stretched

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