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Mid-stream Urine Test


Mid-stream Urine Specimen / Clean Catch

This method of collecting urine reduces the contamination of the urine specimen by the germs that are normally found on the skin area around where the urine comes out.

You will need:

  • A pathology request form to use at a pathology laboratory collection centre.
  • A yellow top sterile specimen container which can be obtained from the pathology collection centre. You may wish to do the test there and then or else take it home.
  • Three cotton wool/balls/wipes or towelettes for cleaning.
  • Soap and water

How to do the test:

  • The first morning urine is the most suitable for testing for infection or microscopy (MC&S).
    [If performing test for Cytology, to look for abnormal or cancer cells in the urine, the first morning voided specimen should NOT be used and 3 separate voided specimens on 3 different days are required and should be taken to the collection centre individually. For further instructions on urine cytology collection visit the Clinpath site here.]
  • Ideally you should not have passed urine for more than 2-3 hours before.
    Start by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Wet the cotton wipe with warm soapy water and wipe the skin where the urine exits.
    Females wipe from front to back whilst holding the labia apart with the other hand.
  • Males need to pull back the foreskin, if present, and then wash the head of the penis.
    Repeat twice, so you wash three times in total.
  • Remove the container from the package. Take off the yellow lid and leave it in the package. Do not touch the inside of the lid or the container.
    Start to urinate in the toilet, then switch to urinating in the container by passing it under the urine stream. Fill the container only half full and then pull it out again from under the urinary stream so that you finish urinating in the toilet.
  • Remove the lid from the package and screw it onto the container.
    Dry the outside of the container and wash your hands again.
  • Write your name, date of birth and today’s date on the label.
    Drop it off to the pathology laboratory collection centre with the request form as soon as possible but it can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
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