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Frequent Questions


The consulting rooms are located on the ground floor of Calvary Hospital, not far from the main entrance. Street parking is available surrounding the hospital. Bus route number is 252 (to Arndale Shopping Centre), leaving King William Street in the city, exit at bus stop number 5.

Yes, our clinical staff see men, women and children with bladder and pelvic problems, predominately the conditions covered in this site. They do not practice in general urology conditions such as cancers, stones and prostate and erection problems. If you are unsure check with her reception staff when making an appointment. Our doctors can refer you to other doctors as appropriate if required.

Dr Ashani Couchman specialises in Transitional, or Adolescent Urology and sees children from ages 5 years old. If you are unsure check with her reception staff when making an appointment.

This can help your doctor to diagnose your condition and recommend treatments sooner. If you are unsure check with her reception staff. If it is not relevant to your problem you do not need to complete it.

A mid stream urine test will help to exclude not only infection but also blood or inflammatory (white) cells in the urine. If you have had a urine test in the last 6 months bring a copy of the result to your appointment. If you have had a urine test showing an infection a follow up urine test to show this has completely resolved if you still have bladder problems is recommended prior to your appointment.

Your doctor will discuss with you your symptoms and any relevant history and perform an examination when and as appropriate. Any further investigative procedures required will be scheduled at that time.

The Australian Government (Medicare Australia) requires you have a current referral letter to be able to claim your Medicare rebate for specialist consultations and procedures. If you do not have a referral you will not get a rebate from Medicare for your consultation or claim any rebate from Medicare or from private health insurance for inpatient hospital services. Any services provided without a referral will requite full payment in advance. A referral from a GP will last 12 months and from another specialist only 3 months.  Referrals are not required to see our Continence GPs or our Continence Nurse.

This is a test using ultrasound to see if you empty your bladder. You will be asked to come to your appointment with a full bladder. After emptying your bladder the ultrasound is used to measure how much urine if any, is left behind (the residual). Using gel, a round probe is placed over the lower part of the abdominal wall. The procedure is painless and can be performed in the consulting rooms.

Australian government (Medicare Australia) rules that you can only claim services provided by a doctor whilst you are admitted to hospital through your private health insurance. They do not allow patients to claim outpatient services such as consultations, and other outpatient procedures through their private health insurance. Once you are admitted to hospital you can then claim inpatient services through your private health insurance.

Yes and they will bill gold card holders through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

You can still see our doctors for a consultation, investigation, opinion and diagnosis. Dr Ashani Couchman also operates at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and consults at RAH and Hampstead Hosptial.  Dr Wilson Edwards operates at the Lyell McEwin Hospital.  Dr Pillay does not operate in a public hospital and would have to refer you on to another surgeon if you require surgery in a public hospital. If you think you are going to require surgery in a public hospital then you should discuss your referring doctor if you are better to see a surgeon who operates in a public hospital. (Some patients without private health insurance can ‘self-fund’. This is where they pay to have procedures in a private hospital and quotes for this can be provided.)

Fees for consultations, procedures and surgery are provided in advance by reception staff when bookings are made. Full payment for consultations is requested on the day. We accept cash, cheque or EFTPOS (credit or debit cards).

Please contact the practice prior to your appointment so this can be arranged. You will be responsible for the cost of the interpreting services. Quotes can be provided.

Absolutely. Many people prefer to have someone with them for support such as a family member or friend. The can often help you to remember information and instructions that may be provided during the consultation. They can be present for only part of the consultation if you wish. For example you may ask them to step outside during any examination that is performed if it is required.

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