This information is not comprehensive, is only current at the date initially published and does not constitute medical advice. Do not rely on any content for clinical decision making and instead seek appropriate professional advice. Continence Matters is not responsible for any loss anyone suffers in connections with the use of this information.




Cancellations of Surgery, Cystoscopy and Fluoroscopic Urodynamics:  Do to Government lockdown restrictions only emergency surgery can be scheduled during the current 7 day lockdown.  Your surgeon will determine if your surgery is urgent and able to proceed.  You will be contacted by our staff to rescedule your procedure if necessary.  Our staff are doing their best to deal with a large number of phone calls and enquiries, rescheduling and returning phone calls.  We understand how stressful and disruptive this is for our patients.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated.  Your doctors will be able to advise of any emergency arrangements to deal with urgent problems.  Medical services and our consulting rooms remain open.

For Face-to-face consultations in the rooms:  When you arrive at Calvary you will need to pass through Calvary North Adelaide Hospital screening to obtain access to Continence Matters.  Calvary Hospital screening will require QR code scanning or your details recorded on paper.  You will be required to wear a mask while inside Calvary Hospital and Continence Matters.  You can wear your own mask including cloth masks.  If you do not have a mask you will be provided with one at the Calvary entrance.  You will not be allowed to enter without providing your details or scanning the QR code for contact tracing.  There can be delays at the hospital entrance with screening procedures and you may wish to arrive 10 minutes earlier.

Calvary will not allow you to bring anyone with you without prior arrangement for necessary exceptions.  Please attend alone unless a parent or carer is required with you.  Contact the rooms if you wish to convert your appointment to a phone consult.  Do not attend if you are unwell.  For more details see our Covid and Consulting webpage.

For Phone Consultations:  You can convert your appointment to a phone consultation if you wish.  You will be sent a link by SMS for pre-payment online.

To Reschedule Consultations: Please phone or email us or reply SMS to you appointment reminder to cancel and advise if you wish to be rescheduled.

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