COVID-19 & Surgery/Procedures


The federal government previously suspended all non-urgent elective surgery during the COVID-19 crisis in both public and private hospitals, with clear guidelines that only urgent and life-threatening/emergency surgery can be scheduled.  This was followed by a gradual phased return of elective surgical procedures.  Under new conditions, there may be restrictions on the number of elective procedures scheduled by the hospital or government.  The situation can change at short notice in response to coronavirus cases or hospital equipment supplies.  The government has also provided some guidelines regarding which type of cases should be prioritised.  These new changes are still undergoing implementation and details may continue to change.  We will endeavour to schedule our patients as soon as we are able to and realise the difficulties these disruptions and cancellations cause for our patients.

For our patients who have had procedures cancelled, we aim to reschedule you as soon as it is safe. Please be reassured that we are here to support you through this tough period. 

We will undertake phone or telehealth consultations to ensure there is an interim plan in place to ensure your safety and minimise distress. During these exceptional circumstances, we will endeavour to ensure clear communication with you. Please don’t hesitate to email on if you require further information.  

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